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General AMP 100 Information in Q&A Form
The following information is given as a guide. Specific use instructions will depend on the type of ink, printing method, substrate and the desired results.
AMP100 is specifically designed to be compatible with a wide range of pigments, pigment dispersions, ink ingredients, acrylic vehicles and ink additives.  It is generally used to grind metallic, organic & inorganic pigments; make varnishes & barrier coatings; as the primary vehicle; to extend pot life (open time); and in place of acid functional, base soluble acrylic resins.  It is a natural product with the focus on performance, giving the ink formulator greater flexibility.  The farm is our supplier.

AMP100 can be used for direct food contact.
How does AMP100 improve ink performance?
AMP 100 forms a tough, durable and flexible film with the following properties: 
  1. Zero VOC
  2. Increased hiding
  3. Increased block resistance
  4. Increased heat resistance
  5. Increased film hardness
  6. Improved rewetting of the ink on the anilox roll
  7. Improved colour strength
How does AMP100 give the formulator more flexibility?
AMP100 is completely water dispersible and functions at any pH.  This is particularly useful when pigments or acrylic vehicles have specific pH requirements.  Ammonia or other bases are not needed to use it.
The particle size of AMP100 is less than 1 micron.  It is therefore, shear stable and can be used as a grind vehicle.
Is AMP100 a natural product?
AMP100 is made from corn, wheat, potatoe and soy.  It is manufactured using plant polysaccharidesAs such, it is a natural product.  Naturally, it has been chemically and physically modified to obtain the necessary performance properties.
What are the solids?
The solids of AMP100 is about 60%.  This is higher than most acrylic vehicles.  As a result, less AMP100 is used then the amount of acrylic it replaces.  Overall solids are kept about the same.
What unique properties does AMP100 have?
AMP100 is a polysaccharide and has many OH groups. This is what let's it form a tough, flexible film.  At the same time, the amount of glycol can be reduced (glycol also has OH groups and behaves similar to AMP100).
Can I mix AMP100 with other products?
Yes, AMP100 is compatible with most ink ingredients.  Please contact our Technical Service Department for specific recommendations.