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Controlling weeds in potted plants stored outside can be both labour intensive and difficult. AMP753 Liquid Mulch was specially designed to address the challenges of the nursery industry.

This picture shows the application of AMP753 Liquid Mulch, Natural colour. The picture was taken during a trial done at the University of Guelph measuring the effectiveness of different application rates of Liquid Mulch. The picture was taken at the University of Guelph facility in Guelph, Ontario during the summer of 2015.

Here are several reasons for you to use Liquid Mulch:

1. It is fast and easy to use

Simply pour the Liquid Mulch over the surface. It will flow around the plant stems and bind to the pot making an uninterrupted barrier with no spaces for weeds to grow. No cutting and fitting is required. A pot can be done in a few seconds.

2. Significant weed reduction with less effort and without the use of chemical herbicides

The top surface of the Liquid Mulch film stays dry. Weed seeds that fall on top do not have enough moisture to germinate and often blow away in the wind. Plants grow better because there is less competition from weeds. This too results in less labour since the area does not have to be weeded as frequently.

3. Improved soil and fertilizer retention

The Liquid Mulch binds with the top layer of the soil. Time release fertilizer in pellet form can be added under the Liquid Mulch film. The soil and fertilizer pellets will not fall out of the pot even when the plants are carried around or transported. This ensures that the plants receive nutrition throughout the season. The Liquid Mulch will hold the fertilizer pellets in place and out of sight, further reducing labour costs.

4. Improved water retention

Evaporation of water through the soil is less because of the Liquid Mulch film. Automatic watering systems can be used along with Liquid Mulch. Plants look better because of less stress caused by a lack of water.

5. Reduced damage by pests

Many pests lay eggs or have larval stages in the soil. The Liquid Mulch film interrupts their life cycle making other natural pest control methods more effective.

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