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Controlling vegetation on and around the railway can be both labour intensive and difficult especially if the use of herbicides is prohibited. AMP53 (Railway grade) Liquid Mulch was specially designed to address the challenges of the railway industry.

This picture shows tAMP53 Liquid Mulch applied to a portion of railway track. The picture was taken immediately after application. The Liquid Mulch was applied over the ballast and the ties. The application was done in Guelph, Ontario during the summer of 2015.

Here are several reasons for you to use Liquid Mulch:

1. It is fast and easy to use

Simply pour the Liquid Mulch over the surface. It will flow over the entire area making an uninterrupted barrier with no spaces for weeds to grow. No cutting and fitting is required. About 100 m of track were covered in about 5 minutes.

2. Significant weed reduction with less effort and without the use of chemical herbicides

The top surface of the Liquid Mulch film stays dry. Weed seeds that fall on top do not have enough moisture to germinate and often blow away in the wind.

3. Water goes through the Liquid Mulch film

Rain water can still drain through the ballast as it was designed to do.

4. Repair work is easy to do on the railway line

Sometimes repair work needs to be done on the railway line. Liquid Mulch will not interfere with this work and the film is easily repaired afterwards.

The second picture compares areas treated with AMP53 Liquid Mulch and areas that were not treated  with Liquid Mulch. The entire track started vegetation free and the picture was taken about 3 months after the Liquid Mulch was applied. The Liquid Mulch film remained intact for about 1 year.

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