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About AMP30 Polysaccharide Based Adhesive & Binder

Adhesive Applications

AMP30 can be used in water based adhesive and glue formulations. In most instances, AMP30 is used as the primary adhesive component. Other ingredients are formulated with AMP30 to improve surface wetting properties on specific materials. For example, the formulator may desire the adhesive to open paperboard pores even more than AMP30 does on its own. Or, the formulator may choose other ingredients that increase or decrease the viscosity. A different viscosity may be desired for certain application equipment. A final example may be to improve wetting on synthetic surfaces such as paint or plastic.

In the picture on the right, AMP30 was used as the adhesive (without any additives) to glue paperboard sheets together and form a stiff and strong protective corner. The protective corner is used on pallets of hardwood to protect against damage.

AMP30 is compatible with a large range of additives commonly used in adhesive formulations.

It is impossible to discuss the complete range of possibilities. Contact Us for more detailed information about your application.
Binder Applications

AMP30 can be used to bind chemicals and dust. Powdered chemicals are often made into prills to improve handling properties or reduce problems caused by dust when the chemical is handled. AMP30 can be used in the same way other binders such as polyvinyl alcohol. Usually, less AMP30 is needed making it more effective and more economical.

In the picture on the left, AMP30 was used as the sole binder and without any additives to make the prills.

AMP30 can also be used on its own or as part of a formulation to prevent dust during construction or mining operations.

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