Advanced Micro Polymers Inc.

Natural Polymers to help preserve our environment

AMP Binders
There are two AMP binder products; AMP30 and AMP75P. AMP30 is the  binder product. It is used in numerous adhesive applications. Adhesives using AMP30 are used as dust suppressants, prill binders, paper board adhesive and label adhesive. To learn more about AMP30 click here.

AMP75P is used to make pressure sentive adhesives. For example, it can be used along with AMP30, or on its own to make adhesives that remain sticky even when dry. This increases the range of adhesive products that can be made using AMP's natural polymers. To learn more about AMP75P click here.
Here is a brief description of some of the benefits of AMP's Natural Polysaccharide Binders:
VOC is Zero
They contain no volatile organic compounds, no harmful ingredients and is safe for employee's to handle.
60% and 70% Solids
AMP30 is a high solids (60%), stable water based dispersion. It can be used in place of PVA and starch based binders.

AMP75P is also a high solids (70%), stable water based dispersion. It is used to make a pressure sensitive adhesive.
Liquid Formulation
As a liquid, both AMP30 and AMP75P do not need to be cooked and can be used at any temperature. Neither are pH sensitive.
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