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About AMP's Adhesives & Binders

A binder is a substance that holds other particles or pieces together. For example, Cement is the binder in concrete that holds the gravel and sand together as a single piece.

An adhesive holds two surfaces together. Applying an adhesive often gives better results compared to physical means such as using bolts because it distributes the stresses evenly over the surface.

There are two AMP products that can be used as adhesives and binders; AMP30 and AMP75P. Both products are natural; made from agricultural sources. As such they contain zero VOC's. They can be used in water-based adhesive and glue formulations or they can be used on their own as a water soluble adhesive. They can also be used as water soluble binders.

What makes AMP's Polysaccharide Binders unique is their performance. Both products develop a quick and strong green bond. A green bond is the binding strength before the adhesive/binder dries. AMP30 forms a permanent, strong dry bond while AMP75P remains tacky even when dry. AMP75P can be used as a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Their superior performance is due largely to the solids content. At 60% for AMP30 and 70% for AMP757P, they are among the highest solids polysaccharide products available on the market.

They are stable and do not require special storage conditions. There are no special mixing procedures as both products are completely miscible with water and there are no special pH requirements.

While many starch based products need to be "cooked" or only have a narrow temperature, pH and time window in which they can be used, this is not the case for AMP's Polysaccharide adhesives & binders. AMP30 & AMP75P are very versatile and can be added at any time to the water based adhesive formulation.

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