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AMP53 LIQUID MULCH for Railways

AMP53 is specially formulatedto help reduce unwanted vegetation alongrailway tracks. It was developped in conjunction with Guelph Junction Railways andis easy to apply from a railway tanker or from smaller vehicles. AMP53 Liquid Mulch is a cost effective and easy to implement solution. It is applied as a liquid over the ballast and quickly dries to form a physical barrier that does not interfere with railway operations. New seeds that fall from railway cars or that are blown inby the windcannot take root and vegetation growth is dramatically reduced, often even eliminated.
Tests have shown that AMP53 can help reduce weed growth for an entire year. Re-application can be done as needed.
Here is how AMP53 Liquid Mulch works:
Important Properties
How It Works

1. AMP53 is a liquid

  • It dries quickly once applied
  • It can be stored until needed
  • It has a slight cereal odour
  • Easy to use – simply spray from a tanker or truck
  • No special equipment is required
  • Can be delivered by rail, tanker truck or in totes

2. It is made from natural polymers

  • It contains no harmful ingredients
  • It does not contain any controlled substances
  • It can be applied anywhere, even where herbicides are restricted or prohibited
  • Safe for employees (see msds)
  • Can be applied on tracks along residential areas, waterways or farms

3. Forms a tough, durable film that sticks to the ballast and does not come off

  • Do not spray onto the rails
  • New seeds cannot take root
  • Does not interfere with railway operations
  • Does not interfere with repair or maintenance work

3. Degrades naturally

  • Does not leave a soil-like residue
  • You control how long it lasts by how much you apply
  • Typical application lasts one growing season
Advanced Micro Polymers is built on a vision of a world that respects the environment and its inhabitants by using all of the earth’s resources responsibly. We work towards addressing important aspects of preserving petroleum reserves and reducing the impact of our activities by providing functional, natural polymers made from agricultural sources.